A Search Engine Optimized Friendly Site

When Synk Media launch your site we ensure the major search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, and Bing find your site and index it accordingly. We ensure your site is promoted to all the search engines before the project is completed.

As our services also include search engine optimization, we ensure your site is built in a way Google can “read”. Hence all your pages and any new ones you create are soon in Google’s search results. This is search engine friendly website design.

Our website packages makes it easy for customers to add rich content to their site, please click here for more info. Small businesses have the advantage of free SEO advice from our team, to help them penetrate Google and get that free traffic organic listings promise.

It should be noted in a small business web development agreement, we are not responsible for adding new content, optimizing current copy, or keyword analysis to determine the best keywords to be used when developing your site. We only use the text for pages you give us (but as we said we are open to offering free advice how to target your site better to potential customers) when making pages for your site.

A Search Engine Optimized Site

Once a website is developed our clients may continue to use Synk media’s services to assist with continually promoting and tweaking their site to generate leads from their site. SEO is about competing in the search engines for keywords and this requires constant analysis over time. It should be noted a SEO agreement is 100% separate from any web development project. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process, requiring the following;

  • Addition of new fresh content
  • Constant modification of site content
  • Changes to site architecture and link building (this is a subset of search engine marketing)

All of these components help build traffic to your site, and are necessary in generating leads. To put it in simple terms, once the site is launched, you need to work at it to get leads from your site. The project is not finished on launch day. You don’t just sit back and expect leads from the site (especially if you are not promoting the site offline).