Content Management Systems

  • Do you require a website which will need updating on a regular basis?
  • Would you prefer to update your website yourself but feel you do not have the technical know how?
  • Do you feel that if updates to your website were to be carried out by you, huge savings would be made by not having to hire the services of a developer?
  • You may even be in a position where you have an existing website but feel the way in which it is being managed is not practical or cost effective?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a CMS (Content Managed System) is your solution.

A CMS website gives you the tools to manage your website independently and free you from expensive web management contracts.

How SYNK can help

You do not have to be technical to have a CMS website. Synk Media can develop a CMS site providing a graphical user interface that allows you (the editor) to create content, add images and multimedia files and much more.

How can CMS benefit you?

A content management system allows you to;

  • Create new SEO friendly pages
  • Add menu items
  • Easily uploading of files: videos, images
  • Specify administration and editing permission
  • Access your CMS and update your website anywhere
What’s the process?

SYNK Media can help you to create your CMS website with integrated content control that will take you to the next level. Call or email to discuss your project further. We will provide you with a consultation to attain your requirements; then we work alongside you to ensure you achieve your goal.