Internet Marketing

It is all good and well having a website that has been beautifully designed and developed with all the trimmings, however if nobody sees this then you are not getting the most from your website. You need to ensure that when your site goes live on the internet your target market is aware that it is there.

This can be achieved through several means, word of mouth, directory advertising, and flyers/business cards, however the best way you ensure your site receives a lot of traffic from your target audience is ensuring your site is listed when a user searches terms related to your business in the major search engines.

Synk Media’s main goal is to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website. There are two forms of SEO; On-page and Off-page optimisation.

With On-page optimisation our team will ensure your site has the best chance of naturally appearing nearer the top of search engine listings for your chosen/recommended keywords. We optimise your website for optimal visibility in search engines by following search engine guidelines.

Some of the On-page optimisation processes we carry out include;

  • Website diagnosis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Producing high quality and relevant content/information with attention to keyword placement
  • Validated HTML and CSS coding
  • Inclusion of essential requirements such as Robot and Sitemap files
  • Integration of analytical software (allowing you to track visitor usage patterns)

Now, onto Off-page optimisation

Again, our team will help you identify and develop links from other sites. Which in-turn provides traffic to your site and contributes to search engine rankings.

Links are generated using a number of techniques. We use our vast resources to build your back links, we have a database which is continually growing, and the benefit of this to you is that search engines like directories.

SEO Packages

We have kept our cost to a minimum and for the same service you could be paying excessive amounts. We offer a range of affordable professional website optimisation services to businesses large or small.

Why choose Synk Media
  • We follow ethical SEO practices and search engine guidelines – Be aware that some companies carry out unethical or what is known as ‘Black hat’ techniques, which can get your site banned from search engines.
  • We work with our clients to deliver the best results for you; we regularly keep you informed with what we are doing and our progress.
  • We offer a policy where we return the most part of your money in the unlikely event we can’t get the results we promised. How many companies can offer this to you?