Flash Design

You have to stand out, be seen, be remembered…

  • Does your website look very static containing a lot of tedious text?
  • Are you looking to create a website that includes interactivity and helps to keep your users engaged for longer?
  • Would you like to advertise your products/services in a compelling and innovative manner?

If any of the fore mentioned scenarios applies to you, utilising Flash animation may be the answer. Flash is a flexible software package that can be used to run comprehensive applications such as animations, tutorials, and video presentations. These can either be embedded into your website or presented in a CD-ROM format. A Flash enabled website can be developed to give that extra graphical feel and visual effects that would otherwise simply not be possible. Flash has unlimited potential to produce great looking website/CD-Rom designs that will help you stand out from your competition and be remembered.

Some further uses for Flash

Flash can be used to create and enhance the following:

Advertising Banners

Software Applications


Video Tutorials

Advantages of Flash animation

So what are the main advantages of Flash development? If implemented properly, flash can provide a number of useful advantages over traditional web designs:

  • Flash can make a web site more attractive, interactive and dynamic.
  • Within a 30 second period Flash can show a whole company presentation or profile on a website.
  • Flash-based animations look and perform the same on all browsers and computer platforms. We register your domain name for free
  • Flash has now become a very well-recognized format on the internet. It is now estimated that over 90% of web users have the Flash Player (software allowing users to view Flash animations) installed on their computers
  • In addition to embedding Flash within a web page, Synk Media can also use Flash to construct stand-alone executable applications, which are ideal for CD-ROMs.
  • We produce sophisticated Flash-based applications that can automatically update themselves. We achieve this creating an external XML file which can be easily amended and subsequently updates the same Flash interface.
  • Synk Media utilise Flash to create innovative advertisements, games and movies that can be displayed a web site. Google analytics – We provide access to statistics which measure website Traffic